Monday, July 25, 2011

Good week of running!

Well, kind of a good and bad week all at once.  It was a good week because I finally ran three times, and more than ten total miles, for the week.  It was a bad week because it was hot and in addition to my 12.5 miles, I also played volleyball two nights and did the Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred once.  I think my calves hate me.  Pain is weakness leaving the body, right?

I didn't really feel the fatigue until the long run on Saturday.  We ran 6.3 miles on the Lost Bridge Trail (Springfield to Rochester) beginning around 10:00 a.m.  It was already over 90 degrees and incredibly humid!  This trail is mostly shaded though, which is why we run here on days like this.  I felt good for some of the run, but I felt myself getting winded while talking and we weren't really running a fast pace.  I think first couple of miles were hovering around ten minute miles.  We slowed things down.  At the turn around at 3.15 miles (the bridge), I was ready to be done already!  We slowed down a little more.  I didn't want to walk though.  Man, it was HOT!

We pushed through, sometimes nearly pacing at eleven minutes.  As we were approaching the end of the trail, we decided to walk the last half mile or so that was uphill in the sun.  No reason to have a heat stroke.  The heat is supposed to break soon, which means the "feels like" temperature will probably only be in the 90's instead of 110+ degrees. 

I better get used to waking up early to run because it's July in the midwest.  We probably aren't going to get anything different any time soon.  Four weeks until Abe's Amble.  No goal pace determined yet.

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