Friday, June 3, 2011

Off the wagon :(

It's been three weeks since my last race, and let me confess that I've officially fallen off the wagon.  The other wagons may have ran over me too.  Life just reared up and got busy on me!  I was in a friend's wedding.  I play volleyball on Thursday nights.  We went to a musical one night.  I volunteer at church on other nights. I have a part-time job selling real estate. The weather has been rainy and horrible. I needed to get the garden planted.  My niece graduated from high school.  There's a graduation party.  I was planning a 3rd birthday bash for Jocelyn.  Do you want more excuses?  Let me tell you, I've got 'em!

So, why didn't I just get up early and run in the morning?  Going to bed late at night is my excuse.  My "real" reason?  I didn't feel like it.  If I'm being totally honest, I just didn't want to.  I woke up many mornings and thought about it.  I was just not getting enough sleep as it was.  I was getting canker sores and other ailments from lack of sleep.  I'm just having a hard time fitting it in. 

Here's my problem. I am extremely goal oriented.  After each race, I have to fight the backlash to just quit for a while.  Take a break. I am commonly overwhelmed with all I have to do in life while working a full time job and being a mom.  I am still looking for balance, and it's just not easy.  I need to focus and remember that getting my heart rate up and moving isn't just for me.  It's for my family.  It makes me more pleasant to be around.  It make me healthier.  When I am training for a race, I make time for runs.  Right now, I've logged six miles in three weeks.  That's bad.

So, I'm thinking about upcoming races.  There's a 5K on June 18th.  I could try to beat my new PR that I accomplished on the Fat Ass 5K. The women's distance festival is on July 9th.  It's a two mile run.  That would be fun to race such a short distance.  The Sizzling Mile is on July 20th: one fast mile on a track.  Of course there's the State Fair runs in August.  The two mile parade race and then Abe's Amble on the last day of the fair.  Abe's Amble is a 10K that I'm definitely running, but since it's so far away, I can't focus on training for it yet!

So, there's my update.  Nothing good.  I'm getting ready to head to Minnesota for a week, and when I return, there's a lot more traveling to do including Chicago and Hawaii this month alone! 

Will I ever get back on track?  I'm sure I will eventually.  When?  Only time will tell at this point.

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