Friday, December 10, 2010


So. I did it. I ran two miles. Goal one accomplished! It was a great feeling. The question was, could I do it again? So I decided to set another goal. To make two miles seem like no big deal. Basically, I just wanted to consolidate my gains, and start running that 2.5 miles several times a week.

I was still was seeking the 5k mark in my head. Having made 2.5, it actually seemed possible I would be able to run a 5k. This was the goal I had wondered if it was possible for me to reach. It seems a little odd that I actually had accomplished close to this goal in only a couple months time.

But I digress...

So I started running every other day to my mother in laws place of business on my lunch hours. I ran down sidewalks, alleyways, backroads. Summer was coming on, and it was hot. Sometimes my legs felt like lead and I would want to quit. I had to keep chanting encouragement to myself in my head, "just a little further just a little further..." The first several weeks of this were hard. Sometimes it seemed like I'd never run a block let alone two miles. My legs & feet would ache, I would struggle to breath, and I'd just feel like giving up. It was somewhere around this time I started learning about technique, and gear. I actually brought a pair of shorts and tshirt to run in. I went out and bought my first pair of running shoes. ($100!!!) Wow! What a huge difference it made! It seems so obvious but having never ran I just really didn't think about it. Wearing the right gear is important!

I started adding a little more distance to my route to get closer to 3 miles and it wasn't long before I reached that goal as well. I knew it was time. It was time to sign up for a race!!! But which one? I wasn't sure, but I was sure about one thing, this running thing was starting to get in my blood!!!

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