Thursday, February 3, 2011

This weather sucks!

It's been staying light out a little longer every day.  It's almost to the point that if I really hurried home, I could possibly get in a short run before dark.  However, as soon as I that thought occured to me, the weather gods decided I should be punished for it!  The severe cold (today it feels like -11 degrees) isn't as much as an issue as the 12-15 inches of snow it dumped all over central Illinois this week.  But the snow and ice, paired with low temperatures and howling wind, and we are looking at slippery conditions with potential for frostbite within minutes.  I love to run outside, but I'm not going to do it like that.  I'm not there...yet.   And I value my extremities.

So, back on the treadmill for me.  You know it wouldn't be as bad, but our treadmill is cheap, used and runs horribly.  You have to land just right with each step or the belt bogs down.  I've adjusted my running to make sure my footfalls land right beneath my body and stride through smoothly to eliminate the bogging down.  Thankfully, I don't think this is a bad thing and might even help me smooth out my stride when I head back to the pavement on long run weekends.  Since I hate the treadmill so much (except for interval training), it's even harder to justify spending a ton of money on a really good one. 

Sigh.  I can't wait for early spring we've just been notified about.  That groundhog better be right!!

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